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Iliyan Mitov refused to participate in his biggest project.What is the future of Dreamchaser projects? Does a politician dictate to Iliуаn what to do?

Earlier this week, AFA officially announced that it would reopen its biggest project “Dreamchaser”. The project was created in 2015 by Iliyan Mitov. In 2015 Iliyan defends the rights of the adopted in Bulgaria and Europe. AFA nominated him as “The face of the organization”. In 2016 Iliyan became the first Bulgarian to receive an international charity award. At the end of 2016, Mitov was invited to be an independent representative of the European Youth Commission.There he created several world projects with his team. The Commission has estimated Iliyan’s projects as one of the most successful in recent years. Who is responsible for Iliyan's successes ? Rumors in the Commission point to several political figures who are tirelessly behind Iliyan Mitov. It is also understood that some of them advise Iliyan to transfer his projects to another, so he can get involved in political life very soon. For now it is clear that Iliyan continues to work tirelessly in an airline.


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A well-known company creates an interactive website for Iliyan Mitov and his project.

In recent months, the European Youth Commission has been working hard on rebuilding one of its most successful projects. “Dreamchaser” is coming back in January 2019. The project is inspired by the history of the adopted son of Bogomil Gerasimov-Iliyan Mitov. In 2015, the project was closed successfully after helping nearly 10 million children around the world. In the last months Europa Group who is one of the creatiors of the site of EASA,wrote to Mr.Mitov and his team that they are very delighted by his story and they wanted to make the official new website of Dreamchaser’s projects. The site will cost around 15,000€. The project became famous in 2013 after Bulgarians realized that Bulgaria was not included in the project. So far, the project creators and Iliyan Mitov himself refuse to comment on whether Bulgaria will be able to participate in one of the most successful projects in 2019. In the last days, Iliyan Mitov has published pictures of his new web site. The photos shows that the site promises to be stylish and very interactive.


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A famous magazine in America writes about Ilian Mitov and his greatest passion

On January 13th, a famous American edition will publish an interview with Ilian Mitov on the occasion of his birthday. Ilian Mitov received numerous awards from the United States for his contribution to charity. In 2017, the European Commission announced the most successful project Dreamchaser/Shaping futures/Rebuilding lives by Ilian Mitov, who together with his team managed to help nearly 30 million children without parents. Ilian himself spends his childhood in an orphanage. In recent years Ilian Mitov has worked as a cabin crew member. He is proud of his profession. In an interview he shares his first flight immediately after his adoption. "I was scared, I did not know what a plane was and where I was going" In 2004, Ilian's parents sent him for the UK. "At the age of nine I did not know what a car c was. After I got on the plane, I did not know what to expect, the moment the plane took off and i saw the ground bellow me, I felt the best thing that happened to me - I was flying. Then I fell in love with flying. I thought I wanted to fly constantly and forever. For a moment I forgot about all those terrible long nights at the orphanage”. read the entire interview here.


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